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A PDF is available for each song containing the sheet music, large lyrics, p levels and notes about each song.
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The songs from Nice Warm Socks can be supported with symbols.
The free resource packs have printable overlays for some switch and communication devices, some symbol materials for making choices and developing literacy and the symbol supported text of the songs.
These are provided as files to use in the new symbols software, Communicate: In Print.
One set is also available in PDF format as an example

Widgit Sample
please note this image is a low quality compressed file

Widgit has been working in this field for over 20 years. The symbols and software are available in many countries and languages. Primary schools are beginning to see that symbols help many children get to grips with reading. Its Software is dedicated to making tools that help people communicate.

Their main focus is developing symbols and symbol software for children and adults who have difficulty with text. Symbols can help readers visualise the meaning of words, whether it is for all words or just a few difficult words.

Product link:
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