Singing The Changes
Training for SEN singing leaders

Songs for building, maintaining, learning
and re-learning early and complex skills

Brief outline
An accessible and practical training session based on developing good singing practice with students and staff in special needs education at KS2 and 3 - it will also be useful for those working with both younger and older learners. Participants will learn at least three or four songs, each of which will exemplify how songs can be made up, adapted and structured in ways that enable all students to be included in singing. Central to the idea will be to build singing leaders’ confidence, skills and repertoire. This training session will give them stepping-stones for developing this approach for their individual settings.

A multi-sensory space
We will be demonstrating how to design and teach songs so that all will be included in the enjoyment of singing. We will show the importance of enabling the students to learn through all the senses - including vision, touch, sound, smell and movement - and will demonstrate the idea of creating a multi-sensory space within which songs can happen.

The non-vocal singing leader
Some students will use augmentative communication strategies, such as voice output devices, signing and symbols. We will show how these students can be fully involved in singing, and indeed can often become very effective singing leaders. We will also show how the use of these strategies is also very helpful for those who are able to sing vocally.Image of a4a

Sourcing appropriate repertoire
The session includes choosing and sourcing appropriate repertoire and a description of some up-to-the-minute solutions. We will be linking songs to other areas of the curriculum - such as PHSE, literacy and language development - as well as offering some well-tried templates for instant songwriting. Some of the work will be based on Nice Warm Socks, the internationally recognised resource package developed by Wren Music.

We provide
Trainers Shan Graebe and Paul Wilson, songs, templates, website resources, back-up tracks, audio, handouts, examples of ‘song packs’ (including signs, symbols and ideas for voice output devices), multi-sensory resources and things to squeak, stroke and smell.
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You provide
Up to 30 participants, a large(ish) room, circle of chairs, flip chart pad and easel - and tea, coffee and biscuits.

Singing The Changes is available as a half day training session for £500, or as a full day training session including working up tailored singing plans for £900. We come to your school, community hall, or other venue to provide this training - our travel and any accommodation expenses will be chargeable.

Please Contact Us to enquire about booking a training session