What people are saying about Nice Warm Socks

"This is a collection of positive and calming songs that has instant appeal. This CD is a useful and flexible resource for a therapist, teacher or assistant planning a music session. There is enough variety for the CD to be used either in one-to-one, small group or class assembly." Useability***** Value*****

Review by Chloe Waller, Specialist SLT (Language Unit), Wiltshire PCT, in the Bulletin of the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists, June 2007

"This CD and additional resources should be useful for teachers and therapists keen for children to participate and develop interaction skills through singing. The songs would be easy to adapt for individual abilities."

Review by Janet Talbot, Specialist SLT, East Lancashire NHS PCT, in Speech & Language Therapy In Practice, Summer 2007

"The children loved this. It would be particularly good at the beginning of the school year. We had a new child join the class and used this song to introduce him to the class. It is very inclusive, and the special needs children could easily join in. It has become a firm favourite."

Berkshire infants school teacher Judy Breavington on the song 'Hello'

"We have quite a few special needs pupils who are in the same class as the other children, and sometimes it is hard to find activities which can be interesting for all levels of children, with or without problems. The CD is a precious tool to help children with problems to feel more self-confident and to find their place in the school society."

Anna Giaccone of the Direzione Didattica Statale, Susa, Italy