Some suggestions on how to use this song
This song is very flexible and can successfully be used with groups or individuals. You can easily sing and sign the key words.

Every single line of the song is repeated and this allows the leader to sing and a group to sing back. Or two groups could call and respond across the teaching space. We often sing the ‘Hello’ word in other languages, as on the CD. Or if anyone in the group has a first language that is not English, then s/he could lead a phrase and the rest of the group could ‘try it out on the tongue’. Try and find different ways to say "hello" and replace this word in the original lyrics for example "how d'you do" or "hi-ya". We also sometimes say the hello words using expressive sweeps of intonation. If it feels appropriate, try waving to greet each other as you sing.

Another way of using this song flexibly is to reflect different moods or styles in the words and the way that you sing it e.g.
When I’m in a bad mood
This is what I say
Go away
Go away
Go away everyone
AAC singers can choose what mood or subject to sing about by using symbols or voice output devices.

A learner using a PECS system could place symbols like ‘I want / sing (to) / teddy’ on his/her sentence strip, in order to choose what to sing next.
It is another of those songs that divides readily into 4 sections and so is really good for using with AAC overlays of 4 cells (e.g. 4Talk4, Eclipse, GoTalk) or with four switches. When singing it with an AAC singer using one of these devices, then you can omit the second Hello.
That way, you only have four calls for the rest of the choir to respond to.